Our goal is to offer wealth management legal services facing the challenge of overcoming the tendency of overspecialization and high volume in the contemporary legal practice. We believe that in taloring the most appropriate solutions for the protection of our clients’ interests, ensuring the best possible standards in asset management, our team need to be highly skillful in different practice areas these are not exclusively:

  • Corporate Law
  • Real State Law
  • Civil Litigation and Dispute Settlement
  • Taxation Law
  • Financial Markets Law

The work in these practice areas has to integrate both national and european/international mechanism to be applied in order to customise the working plan to be followed in the concrete case. Our leading partner in this area, Prof. dr Fernanda F. Fernandez Jankov, has a vast experience in corporate and wealth structuring and restructuring, organization and reorganization of companies activites, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and wealth litigation and tax litigation.

With her more than 20 (twenty) years of experience, having worked in Europe, Latin America as a attorney at law and advised clients in cross jurisdiction cases all over the world, she, together with her team, has a clear understanding on the importance of the principle of confidenciality, result-oriented services, simplicity and low profile as requirements for the delivery of a state-of-the-art wealth management legal services.